How to Get Rid of Water Weight Fast!

Water retained in the body can add to excess unnecessary weight.  Losing that little extra weight can make a difference in how you look and feel, because essentially, it’s a protective measure against an unwanted substance.  So how can you get rid of water weight?  Why is your body storing it in the first place, and what purpose does it serve?


Step 1 – Reduce Sodium

Water weight, as most people are aware, is created in the body because of salt – more specifically sodium.  But how does this occur.  While it is vaguely described in medical literature, there is some insight from a doctor by the name of Freeman Cope, who has been shedding light with his alternate understanding of the tissue in our bodies.

The Damaged Tissue Syndrome that Cope speaks about could highlight just what is going on within the cells when they are retaining water.  If you’re interested in learning about this theory in depth, see Raw Food 101 for more details.

What is important to remember with this theory is that damaged tissue retains water in much higher amounts than healthy tissue because the normal structure of the cell has been negatively impacted, either physically or chemically.  This causes the water in the cell to become unstructured and sodium to be allowed more and more into the cell.  There are many things that can cause this damage, however, the more damaged tissue you have in your body, the more water you are going to be retaining.  So it’s important to give your cells what they need to heal in order to get rid of that excess water.


Step 2 – Eliminate Sodium

That’s Step 1.  Step 2 involves a process by the kidneys that allows you to actually excrete the excess sodium.

It may not be common knowledge that insulin has a regulatory effect on sodium retention.  It appears that when you consume a food that stimulates insulin release, your kidneys will retain sodium and reabsorb it.  Insulin is involved in the regulation of the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and is primarily responsible for glucose absorption.  And even low levels of insulin can cause this retention.

Basically, you’re going to have to take a time out in order to allow your body to excrete the sodium.  This naturally happens overnight, and if you’re not replacing the excess sodium the next day, then you should continually eliminate it each consecutive night.

This could explain why intermittent fasting or longer water fasts allow for a fairly rapid weight loss as well as making people feel better – because they are finally able to eliminate sodium from their body.  And if you then give the cells the proper ions that allow them to return to their healthy configuration, you can regenerate your health.  Of course you should consult your health practitioner before undertaking a fast.  Too much fasting can contribute to lower immunity protection, so it may not be a long term solution for chronic salt ingestion.


To sum it up, the elimination of water weight is a two-step process.  By first removing the excess sodium from the diet, and then giving your body the proper insulin-free time it needs to clear the sodium from the body, then you can eliminate the water weight fast!

Of course, health is more than just managing water weight.  You can find out exactly what your cells need in order to heal themselves and how to keep the weight off for good here!


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