Why Isn’t Everyone Raw? (Opinion Piece)

Not everyone thinks that a raw diet is the best diet for people, and I don’t blame them for thinking this way.  It can be hard to see sometimes the benefits of eating raw from an outside perspective.  Some people might even try a raw diet and go back to eating the way they did previously because they don’t notice a difference, or the benefits didn’t outweigh the difficulties it caused for them.

When someone who does see the benefits of raw starts eating this way, they may not understand why everyone isn’t eating this way.  We might even start to let go of the important relationships in our lives because we don’t see eye to eye any more.

I think it’s important to be aware of these thoughts before getting caught up in a cycle of judgement and secluding yourself from others.  You might even find that others are doing this to you too.  Awareness of this can also help us to be prepared for what might come when you embark on a path that is different from mainstream society.


Health is Cumulative

The little steps that we make towards a better health can be very subtle, but it is important to understand that health is cumulative.  It is not something that is going to happen overnight or in a day or a week.  Health is something that we work on daily, that builds up as we strive for that balance within our bodies.  For this reason, the small changes are actually the very steps we need to take.  So it’s easy to see how some people who take these small changes don’t get to see the bigger picture right away.  It’s also easy to miss the small steps people are taking, that aren’t ones that you would choose to take or value as much.

Some people do notice the changes instantaneously on a raw diet and are moved to adopt a new lifestyle right away.  It can be difficult to come from such different experiences and standpoints as others and still see common ground, which I believe is the biggest issue when it comes to connecting with others.


People Change/People Stay the Same

People will not always change in the ways the we want them to.  Some people will never want to adopt a raw diet or a vegan lifestyle.  But we also have to see people as dynamic creatures that are constantly evolving, if they are in the right environment to do so.

We can’t direct a person as to where they will go, but we can give them the environment in which change is able to happen through how we interact with them.  If they are a significant person in our lives, we can give them the love, space, time and positive energy that they will need to move towards self-improvement.  We can discuss ideas with someone who is ready to hear the information, but beyond that, what others do is out of our control.

A great quote by Paulo Coelho goes like this: “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.”

It can be difficult at times to not give our opinions to people when we are so passionate about a subject, or even when we feel it might benefit this person, but if the person is not at a place to hear what we have to say, then it will not be received effectively.


Keeping Our Relationships

How do we go about maintaining our relationships when we have undergone such a dramatic change in our own lives?  I believe it is through an understanding that our opinions about what people do should not affect our ability to love the person.

This can be a tricky one, especially for people who feel ethically bound to a peaceful lifestyle that others are opposing.  We may come to see them as bad people because they are not making the same connections as we are.

However, taking a stance against people is not going to create positivity in the world and will also cause ourselves to suffer by closing us to the relationships that give us a sense of satisfaction in life.  Connecting with people is arguably one of the most satisfying aspects of life that should not be pushed aside due to a conflict of opinion.  It can enrich our sense of well being and happiness when we are able to love freely.  Being kind and connecting with others not only benefits them, but ourselves as well.  And I would go as far as to say that this is one of the most effective ways to influence others – by showing them kindness and being an example.  This doesn’t have to be our main goal, but you can definitely make it a part of your mission in life to influence by example.


What Do We Want?

Do we want people who are coerced or shamed into doing things to please us simply to earn our love?  Do we want to be closed off to people and miss out on the joy that comes with a life full of connection?

In the end, we need to think about what we want.  If we choose to live a certain way, we should do so despite what others are doing.  We should live our purpose for ourselves.  We should not create opposition in others when we need those others on our side.  Whether we like it or not, we need each other.


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