Q&A: Healing Acne, Weight Loss, Vegan Pregnancy

Here I answer your most pressing questions about all things raw…


Q:  What is your background and what do you do for a living?

A:  I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and I’ve also studied Montessori teaching.  I wanted to be a teacher but changed my mind when I found out about alternative education.  I’m currently devoting all my time to this blog while also homeschooling my 2 kids!


Q:  I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about healing your acne using a raw food diet.  Also, how long did it take?

A:  Personally, I struggled with acne for almost 10 years.  It wasn’t until I discovered a raw food diet that I was able to get off of all the harsh medications I had been put on for all of those years.  I also was able to get rid of all of the soaps and topical ointments I was also using.  I now just wash with water and a facecloth.

It took me an entire year before my face was absolutely clear.  I was eating a low-fat raw diet just like the one I currently recommend on this blog.


Q:  I’ve really loved reading your blog!  I’m currently struggling with weight issues.  I’ve tried a raw food diet (gourmet raw) and I haven’t had much success in losing any weight.  What would you recommend for me to start losing weight?

A:  Thank you for your support 🙂  In terms of weight loss, the number one thing you can do to shed some weight initially is to get off salt.  I talk about this in my blog about shedding water weight.  This will also prevent you from binge eating on foods that you aren’t actually hungry for and help you follow your body’s natural hunger signals.

The next thing to do would be to move slowly towards a low fat raw food diet.  If you do need extra help, check out my program The Raw Science Weight Loss Success.  I take you through a step-by-step process of transitioning to eating a 100% raw diet, and I go over some helpful tips to keep you there.  It’s a process, so it’s hard to answer your question in just one paragraph, and that’s why I wanted to make something so that I could help you at each step along the way.


Q:  What’s your favorite fruit?

A:  Haha!  I love this question 🙂  I think my favorite fruit at the moment would be cotton candy grapes.  It changes all the time and really depends on what is good at the moment.  If I was in the tropics I would want to have rollinia or rambutans, two of my all-time faves.


Q:  I have a friend who has blood sugar issues and was told to keep fruit to a minimum.  What could I say to her to encourage her to continue eating a healthy diet and not get brainwashed from the doctor’s advice?

A:  Of course, I am not a physician and I respect the advice that they have to give.  However, I do think that we have a long way to go when it comes to understanding how diet affects blood sugar.

There is a correlation between how much fat a person eats and how insulin is then able to respond to sugar circulating in the blood.  We are just now starting to hear about how it might be the fat in the diet that is interrupting the communication between insulin and blood sugar.  Before, we just used to blame the sugar.  But now we are seeing that this lack of communication could be the problem.  In my opinion, a low fat diet can do wonders for you blood sugar and in controlling your insulin.


Q:  Do you have information about Parkinson’s disease?

A:  I wanted to include this question because there might be a correlation between blood sugar and Parkinson’s disease.  Recently there has been discussion about labeling Parkinson’s disease as type 3 diabetes.  There appears to be a relation between the brain’s ability to control the blood sugar it utilizes.  For this reason, I suspect there might be a correlation between fat in the diet and this disease.  Of course, this is speculation, but I would urge you to read more about type 3 diabetes and why researchers are choosing to make this distinction.


Q:  Did you have a vegan pregnancy?  How was it?

A:  I did actually have a vegan pregnancy with my daughter and a “SAD” pregnancy with my son, and I can honestly say they were night and day.  My vegan pregnancy (which was mostly raw) was immensely better than my SAD pregnancy.  Both kids are happy and healthy, however, the amount of energy I had as well as the struggles I went through on a SAD diet made it much less enjoyable and very stressful.

Recovering was also much easier being vegan as I didn’t have as much blood loss.  Breastfeeding went smoothly and I produced sufficient milk to feed my baby for the next 2.5 years, while also tandem feeding my first for a bit.

I did take a B12 supplement and at times I felt I needed iron.  I also used a vitamin D lamp in the winter months and my D was sufficient.  Other than that, I did a lot of green smoothies and salads!

This is me pregnant with my second baby on a mostly raw vegan diet.


Q:  I’ve so appreciated the information you’ve given on your blog.  How can I contribute to your site?

A:  Thank you so much!  I’ve really enjoyed writing for you and helping further the raw food movement.  If you would like to leave a donation, you can do so here.


Thank you for all your questions, and if you would like to send me a question to answer, you can send them to therawscienceblog@gmail.com or leave a comment below!!


One thought on “Q&A: Healing Acne, Weight Loss, Vegan Pregnancy

  1. “Q: I have a friend who has blood sugar issues and was told to keep fruit to a minimum. What could I say to her to encourage her to continue eating a healthy diet and not get brainwashed from the doctor’s advice?”

    Change doctors!


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