Can Humans Photosynthesize?

If you’ve ever heard about breatharianism, you might have heard notions of people being able to live off of breath and derive nutrition from the sun.  While this has not scientifically been proven possible to this author’s knowledge, it might be possible that, with the help of some plant properties, humans could make energy from sunlight.

Yes you read that correctly. 🙂

A study published in 2014, in the Journal of Cell Science, looked at human cell mitochondria, and found that they were able to create ATP (energy) from sunlight, with the help of a metabolite from chlorophyll – the molecule in plants that creates the green color.  Chlorophyll is also what allows plants to convert sunlight into energy.

The scientists looked at animals such as mice, rats and swine, and found that ATP synthesis is increased when these animals were fed a diet high in chlorophyll and exposed to sunlight.

It appears that the chlorophyll metabolites might act as a catalyst in the production of ATP, which speeds up the formation of the energy molecule.

So it looks like getting your daily dose of leafy green vegetables could have just gotten THAT much more important!


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